Grey skies overhead
I feel everything, and yet nothing
Maybe I'm growing lonely
Being the only one all around

It's been so many years
Since I've seen her face on this mountain
Maybe I should go
And search all the skies till I find her

And he sang,
“O, mighty creature, where are you?
I am only so strong as the one I hold on to
But it's time for bed
So I'll rest my head on this mountain
Will you ever come home?”

The townspeople gathered then
And wondered how they could help him
“Maybe we should repay him
For guarding our town all these years”

“It seems that he's growing lonely
Being the only one in this valley
Let's take all our treasure
We'll scatter the land till we find her”

And they sang
“O, Holy Monster, where are you?
We must dry the tears of our friend, that he'd be happy too
But it's time for bed
So rest your head, sweet dragon
We are ever always your friends.”

And they sang,
“O, Holy Monster, what are you?”
And they danced all around for a fortnight or two
“But it's time for bed
So rest your head, sweet dragon
May we ever be your friends.”
“I am ever always your friend.”


from The Dragon (​.​.​.​And Other Stories), released August 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Sam Plotkin Los Angeles, California

Sam Plotkin is a composer of contemporary classical and film music. A guitarist and saxophonist by trade, his works range in genre from string quartet to electro-acoustics, and much more. This year, Sam graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Music, and moved to Los Angeles to work as in intern for Remote Control Productions, the studio founded by composer Hans Zimmer. ... more

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